Seveer Art



I guess I can say that I’m a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Portland, Oregon of the United States. 

As a graphic designer, I like being able to do print design and have something tangible at the end of the process. While I have this love of print, I do appreciate and enjoy web and interactive design as well.
Music was my biggest passion as a teenager, and in turn, so was art. It helped me get through some pretty rough times of trying to figure myself out. My love for music and the art that accompanies it had me thinking ‘it’d be so rad to design for bands’. I was focused on academics (which makes for a pretty lame backstory) and planned to go to college, so being an artist in the traditional sense didn’t seem like an option.

At some point as an eighteen-year-old, thinking I had to know what I wanted to do for the rest of eternity, my criteria for possible careers/majors were as follows: something that I can actually get a job in (maybe, at least more likely?), something to do with art, something to do with music. I stumbled upon design, and decided it could be shaped to meet the criteria I wanted. So I figured I’d run with it, at least to start. And here we are, many years later, with a BFA in Graphic Design from Portland State University.